Operations & Maintenance

We have a specially skilled task force who excel in the area of Operations & Maintenance like Preventive Maintenance, Periodic Maintenance or Corrective Maintenance etc.,. We will support you by providing a team with the right skills and proven expertise in Global Maintenance Services, Integrated 0 & M, Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Upgrade,Upgrading or Revamping projects on existing systems, Commissioning and Start-up services,Maintenance Inspection and Engineering, Rotating Equipment Installation,Maintenance and upgradation,Technical Support and Assistance.

Our of Pool of Skill includes

Operation Maintenance Engineers      Maintenance Supervisors      Maintenance Lead Safety Officers      Maintenance Planners      QA / QC Engineers      HVAC              Maintenance Technicians (Electrica,l Mechanical, lnstrumentation etc.)     

We are specialised in the areas of:

Reilability & Plant maintenance      Water Desalination Plants      On-site maintenance Chemical      Off-shore Operations      Plants      Technical & Industrial Services          Waste Water Plants      Petrochemical Plants